Join the Lambeth Walk and make our streets safe

Thousands of Lambeth residents will rally in September to show the borough’s determination to tackle youth violence and its causes.

In response to a London-wide upsurge in violent crime which has seen more than 80 murder investigations so far this year, the Lambeth Walk will set out at 11am on Sunday 23rd September from Kennington Park for Rush Common on Brixton Hill. It is almost exactly 10 years after the People’s March Against Knife Crime, following the murder of 16 year old Ben Kinsella which brought up to 40,000 people out onto the streets.

The organisation of this year’s event unites Lambeth-based public servants, youth workers and campaigners passionate at addressing the root causes of street violence through a holistic public health model.

Among these are Lambeth Safer Neighbourhood Board programme manager Alastair Reid, who previously headed up the Met’s youth strategy; Winston Goode, founder and MD of training and charity for ex-young offenders, Juvenis; Lee Deema, manager of the St Matthew’s Football project; Cllr Mahamed Hashi of Young Lambeth Co-operative; and King’s College Hospital trauma surgeon Duncan Bew. Lambeth Life is giving its full support.

Leading the crowd will be DJ Asher Senator, former creative partner of Smiley Culture, with the youth music charity CODE 7 which he has run since 1996.

Organiser Gary Trowsdale of the Spirit of London Awards, former head of the Damilola Taylor Trust and a long-time Brixton resident, said there would be a “carnival type atmosphere”.

Frustrated by the fragmented nature of the youth sector, he told Lambeth Life, “my big belief is to bring individual organisations around the table and get them bound into the same mindset. It’s about breaking the mould of competition [between charities]”.

“Youth violence isn’t about guns and knives – it’s about inequality”, he added.

Further information: Lambeth Life