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Being part of the journey for these young people is an honour for us at T.M. LEWIN.

Every member of T.M. LEWIN that has been present at the fitting of one of these young people have said what a pleasure it is to see the self-confidence beam from that person when they see themselves in the mirror looking and ready to take their next step.

Jeff Alcock - Corporate and Sports Partnership
T.M. Lewin

We began funding Positive Change in 2011

And have consistently been impressed with Winston’s dedication and skill supporting young Lambeth residents to overcome the most challenging of circumstances and engage with education or employment. We were delighted to support the foundation of Juvenis to ensure that this important service remained in the Borough and are pleased to see the organisation continuing to grow and to flourish.

Teresa Priest, Grants Officer
The Walcot Foundation

It is an absolute honour to support Juvenis’ Lucky Stars programme.

“Every day, we dress everyone from CEO’s to sports stars to celebrities – but watching a young man put on his first suit and smile at himself in the mirror with a new-found confidence is not only humbling, but a reminder of how privileged we are to contribute to their journey.”

Louis Boroditsky, Social & Editorial Marketing Manager
T.M. Lewin

He has proven himself to be exceptional in helping to change young peoples future.

I am currently a serving Metropolitan Police officer and have been working in the role of a police Inspector since 2015. I currently run a police custody diversion programme for young people at Brixton custody. In that time I have worked closely with Winston Goode the CEO of Juvenis. In that time I believe we have built an effective and meaningful way of working that symbiotically helps young people. Winston is not only professional in the first instance he is also someone who is highly proactive in finding solutions for people in need. He is diplomatic and I have witnessed many times how well he balances out peoples needs in working alongside stakeholders, partners and other organisations. However, what impresses me most is his dedication in helping young people that come to him in need. He prioritises and tailors their needs to the solutions that he can offer through his network. He is truly focussed on the needs of that person and ultimately a positive outcome in making a difference to that young persons life. He has proven himself to be exceptional in helping to change young peoples future. I am proud to work with him and look forward to doing so more in the future.

Jack Rowlands
Metropolitan Police

Working with Juvenis has been a breath of fresh air.

“Good practice in our line of work requires working in partnership with others, but sad to say not all partners follow through or are genuine to the needs of young people.

Juvenis however have been an amazing partner who provide a unique yet such relevant service supporting the needs of young people within Lambeth. Juvenis have not only provided a service that has inspired and positively reinvigorated the young fathers I work with, but their provision has had a positive knock-on effect with their immediate family and mothers of their children & child too helping to positively influence the family dynamic/well being!

I’ve noticed an increase in confidence, a renewed sense of hope, a can do attitude, come about through Juvenis support. One takes for granted how impactful/life changing being helped to get a provisional drivers licence, or the skills developed from taking & passing a theory test or receiving your passport or putting on a full suit for the first time when attending court can be! Thank you Juvenis for being a genuine partner providing relevant services helping to positively impact families in Lambeth.”

St Michaels Fellowship – Young Fathers Practitioner

Thank you for providing this timeless moment.

“Please know that in selecting a retailer such as T.M. Lewin it helps to raise aspirations and self-worth to young people who judge themselves as undeserving. I can tell you that when my young person put on the suit jacket his posture changed; his shoulders when back and his head was held high. When he looked in the mirror at himself you could see the future possibilities and visions of success going through his mind. Thank you for providing this timeless moment.”


Melaine Aarons Royal (Senior Careers Advisor)

With support from Juvenis young people enjoyed trips to the theatre with their families over the Summer. 

Being able to enjoy family trips is almost a luxury and we are really grateful for their support and investment.

It was a pleasure to work with Winston and Juvenis

The young people we worked with were keen, attentive and quick learners! The Hushh Foundation Project aims to give young people an introduction into radio programming and presenting and these young people created their own show in 6 weeks! We look forward to working with him again soon.

Hushh Foundation Project

Winston has a passion like no other for the youth of London

He will always ensure every opportunity he is able to provide is available to any young person that comes through the doors of Juvenis.  A great player in the industry, someone I’ve continuously enjoyed building with.

I would recommend his work to any organisation

Winston has supported YLC in engaging positively with high risk young people who are disengaged and disaffected. His skill as a youth work practitioner is of a qualitative standard and I would recommend his work to any organisation. His impact on the lives of many young people has been very positive, productive and he always remains professional in delivery.

Winston is a credit to youth work and a pillar of strength

Winston has been the most solidly reliable youth work practitioner I’ve had the privilege to work with since he supported my work as CEO of the Damilola Taylor Trust in 2010. Having worked with him consistently on projects ever since trying to find solutions to the violence infecting our poorest communities I’m proud to say our work on the All Party Parliament Commission on youth violence has been productive. Winston is a credit to youth work and a pillar of strength to the communities and young people who get to work with him…

Your support is critical and very much appreciated

“The work that you [Juvenis] and the wider community and partners do is critical to ensure that these situations don’t escalate further. The community voices are much more effective with the young people than our own, and your support is critical and very much appreciated.”

Ian Howells
Chief inspector for Neighbourhoods and Gangs