Divert Youth

DIVERT is a Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) intervention programme aimed to reduce reoffending. It is delivered in police custody suites by Juvenis and Lambeth Council and aims to DIVERT young people away from crime.

DIVERT Youth utilises police custody as a reachable moment. DIVERT Youth aims to prevent 10-17 from becoming First Time Entrants into the criminal justice system by working with them and their family to make better life choices. 

By empowering young people to make better life choices this will result in them being safer with a reduced risk of becoming a victim or perpetrator of violence. DIVERT Youth will work with young people arrested on suspicion of violence, weapon and drug related crime. 

DIVERT Youth is currently based at Brixton/Walworth police station. Working with Juvenis the concept is to connect a young person and their respective AA to an on call youth worker from Juvenis who meets them as soon as they leave police custody. Together with the young person and the AA Juvenis then devise an action plan aimed at:

  • Reintegration into mainstream education
  • Assigning a mentor or always available adult
  • Enrolment into extra circular activity 
  • If aged over 16 options for apprenticeships
  • Referring young person to Early Help for holistic family and sibling support