Lucky Stars

It’s no secret first impression count…

From a HR perspective, first impressions mean the world. Unfortunately, people are continually judged by their appearance and it only takes a few seconds for a complete stranger to make a judgment on you, depending on your appearance.

So we were pleased to know that T.M Lewin, fashion leaders in business attire were keen to partner with us to provide professional business attire for young people on our programmes.

T.M. Lewin has been providing the business world with shirts, suits and accessories since 1898. With a passion for design and focus on quality, T.M. Lewin continues to create fresh, stylish and collections for today’s professional men and women.

Partnering with T.M. Lewin, a brand that is synonymous with the best of British style and elegance to create our ‘Lucky Stars’ programme where young people venturing into the professional world of work will receive a free makeover in their store plus encouraging them to ‘Dress For Success’ has played a vital role in our success.

T.M. Lewin are here to help young people crack the dress code of today so they can arrive both confident and fashionable from head to toe, supporting them on their journey with style and grace!

As part of the programme to help more people into work and dress for success, here are three top outfits to wear to your next job interview from HR expert Michelle Raymond, Managing Director – The People’s Partner: If you are going for a corporate job, a formal role in the City maybe, a safe option is to wear a navy suit or a dark grey suit, with a matching tie, skinny or regular. For women, consider wearing a suit, a dress with a matching jacket plus comfortable shoes.

If the role is less formal, a basic business look would work well. For men this would be and ironed shirt with smart chinos, a sweater or cardigan. For ladies, a pair of smart trousers with a crisp white shirt will work well. Hold back on the Jewellery. Many interviewers get put off by the noise of clanging bangles and dangling earrings. Instead, wear simple and understated items. Remember, the interviewers want to focus on you.

Lastly, there is a growing rise of start-ups and tech companies where the dress code for interviews in this situation is far less formal. You could wear jeans and shirt for men and for the ladies, a pair of tailored jeans and a blazer works perfectly.

Being part of the journey for these young people is an honour for us at T.M. LEWIN.

Every member of T.M. LEWIN that has been present at the fitting of one of these young people have said what a pleasure it is to see the self-confidence beam from that person when they see themselves in the mirror looking and ready to take their next step.

Jeff Alcock - Corporate and Sports Partnership
T.M. Lewin

It is an absolute honour to support Juvenis’ Lucky Stars programme.

“Every day, we dress everyone from CEO’s to sports stars to celebrities – but watching a young man put on his first suit and smile at himself in the mirror with a new-found confidence is not only humbling, but a reminder of how privileged we are to contribute to their journey.”

Louis Boroditsky, Social & Editorial Marketing Manager
T.M. Lewin

Thank you for providing this timeless moment.

“Please know that in selecting a retailer such as T.M. Lewin it helps to raise aspirations and self-worth to young people who judge themselves as undeserving. I can tell you that when my young person put on the suit jacket his posture changed; his shoulders when back and his head was held high. When he looked in the mirror at himself you could see the future possibilities and visions of success going through his mind. Thank you for providing this timeless moment.”


Melaine Aarons Royal (Senior Careers Advisor)

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