Routes to Independence

A radically different model of holistic, trauma-informed, and multi-disciplinary housing-related support for males, supporting the highest risk gang-affiliated young people or those who are being exploited in our communities. With small-scale accommodation outside of Lambeth and a consortium model team made up of experts in clinical psychology; youth work; offending; education, training, and employment (ETE); and support workers with lived experience similar to those being supported.

The YPAR (Young People at Risk) team service comprising of DePaul UK, St Giles, Mac UK and Juvenis will work in tight partnership with Lambeth (and host boroughs) including Community Safety; Metropolitan Police; Youth Offending Service; National Probation Service; Children’s Social Care; Adult’s Social Care; Public Health; Housing; health services, community organisations; and Commissioning. With each of these agencies having a clear part to play in the risk management and ongoing support for the service and young people.

Being part of the journey for these young people is an honour for us at T.M. LEWIN.

Every member of T.M. LEWIN that has been present at the fitting of one of these young people have said what a pleasure it is to see the self-confidence beam from that person when they see themselves in the mirror looking and ready to take their next step.

Jeff Alcock - Corporate and Sports Partnership
T.M. Lewin

It is an absolute honour to support Juvenis’ Lucky Stars programme.

“Every day, we dress everyone from CEO’s to sports stars to celebrities – but watching a young man put on his first suit and smile at himself in the mirror with a new-found confidence is not only humbling, but a reminder of how privileged we are to contribute to their journey.”

Louis Boroditsky, Social & Editorial Marketing Manager
T.M. Lewin

Thank you for providing this timeless moment.

“Please know that in selecting a retailer such as T.M. Lewin it helps to raise aspirations and self-worth to young people who judge themselves as undeserving. I can tell you that when my young person put on the suit jacket his posture changed; his shoulders when back and his head was held high. When he looked in the mirror at himself you could see the future possibilities and visions of success going through his mind. Thank you for providing this timeless moment.”


Melaine Aarons Royal (Senior Careers Advisor)