Trading Places

Trading Places uses alternative education in a unique way to engage young people in interactive workshops and seminars to discover purpose, potential and most importantly their unique identity.

Trading Places is designed to teach you the key concepts involved in becoming a successful Junior Stockbroker. You will be taught how to begin your career, what to expect when entering the field, and valuable techniques and tools to perform well and further your career. We will offer successful candidates a one-month work experience trial with one of our many trading floor partners or hedge funds with the opportunity for full-time employment following the placement.

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We aim to build the next generation of community, business and financial leaders. We strongly believe that today’s streetwise youth have the potential to become tomorrow’s leading entrepreneurs, all they need is someone to show them how to use their past experiences as transferable skills that would cause them to thrive in the corporate world and build a sustainable career pathway.

Trading Places will work with a number of key community organisations but we are also pleased to be partnering with The Institute of Broking, whose aim is to provide high-quality, young person-centered education and lifelong learning opportunities to individuals wishing to embark on a career in the high-powered world of stockbroking.

The Institute has partnered with many of the UK’s leading brokerages and hedge funds in the City to provide a unique course for individuals wishing to pursue a career as a stockbroker. We are pleased to offer successful applicants a guaranteed internship with one of our many partners. This could and often does lead to a paid position and pathways to successful career opportunities.

Course Overview & Description

The course will give young people a full understanding on what is needed to succeed as a Junior Stockbroker and the tools needed to trade client money. The programme is designed for those who want an introduction to the world of Stockbroking and the financial sector.

  • What the job of a Stockbroker involves and the expectations.
  • How to read fundamental and technical data and apply it in your job
  • How to use charting tools
  • Understanding global markets
  • Trading Instruments and products used by Stockbrokers
  • Sales Training
  • End of course assessment

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