YANA Project

The YANA Project aims to work with young people who have directly been affected by gang related violence, sexual grooming, exploitation, domestic violence and abuse.

Juvenis have worked with Jenni Steele to set up this project. Jenni Steele is an experienced mentor, speaker, female role model and survivor of teen domestic violence. Jenni works with the statutory agencies (and referral agency) to ascertain the long and short term impact of their traumatic experience, develop a care pathway, harness and empower the young people to develop their key skills. Ascertain the levels of need for young woman and any dependent children, any mental health needs and trauma responses, support them to building resilience and establish coping mechanisms.

The long term purpose of the program is to help the young people to recognise and accept their self worth, build their confidence and recognise situations that pose risk and reduce the long term harm.

Further information: YANA Project